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Drill, Baby Drill! October 08, 2008

Drill, Baby Drill!

I know elections are on everybody’s minds. And whether you are a Republican or Democrat there is some drilling going on just off the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada, of which you’ll approve. Shorebirds are drilling their bills into the mudflats and sandy shores to feed on insects, crustaceans, mollusks, and marine worms.

The above photo is a Hudsonian Godwit, Limosa haemastica which has made a stopover at Big Island Wildlife Area in Marion, Ohio on his flight to South America. Hudsonian’s are the more unusual of the two Godwit varieties that make rare fall appearances in Ohio. Their breeding grounds are on- yup- you guessed it: the Hudson Bay. This guy even has a leg tag to prove his past place of residence, and a young researcher from Cornell University to vouch for him. These long-legged mud drillers are a sight to behold, and we wish him well as he completes his journey south for the winter.

And for the two hunters hauling shotguns across the parking lot during my visit? I hope they will take the time to stop by the pond and visit our boy too.
“A rare bird? Is it a game bird?”
No, it is just a rare migrant you may want to see. We don’t get many of them in Ohio. And please, be careful, there may be a lot of birdwatchers out here today.

Makes me proud to purchase a “duck stamp” in order to help support wetland habitats, so the Godwits can "Drill, Baby drill!"

And if you would like to weigh in on Ohio Department of Natural Resource's survey on conservation funding, please Click Here.

2008-10-09 01:18:29 GMT
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