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Kingwood Workshop November 03, 2008

The weekend’s weather was textbook perfect for a enjoying the great outdoors. Fortunately, our Rain Gardens and Watersheds Workshop at Kingwood Center incorporated afternoon tours of the grounds, where the fall foliage was putting on a full display.

The photo above shows the courtyard entering into the meeting hall where the workshop was held, note the huge doors which were part of the original stables. The brick courtyard and Ohio native Amelanchier or Serviceberry trees were both later additions designed to enhance the interior "room" feeling created in this space.

Amelanchier is on every "native plant" list I recommend. Not only beautifully colored in the fall, it has lovely white flowers in the spring, followed by brilliant red berries which are irresistible to birds. Spring Azure butterflies also utilize this tree as its larva’s host plant. Fall foliage, flowers, berries, birds, butterflies- no wonder the Kingwood staff chose this well-known native for the courtyard!

Thanks to John Hildreth and Chuck Gleaves, for the Watershed and Plant Materials portions of our program. And the attendee that traveled furthest? Janet Creamer who generously share native plant seed with her fellow attendees. Thanks Janet! Glad you could join us... ;) Weedpicker

2008-11-04 02:08:00 GMT
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