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Pining for Siskins November 09, 2008

Recently Ohio Birds has been full of reports of Pine Siskins, a colorful winter visitor often found in the company of Goldfinches. One or two of these heavily streaked birds associating with the other thistle-eating locals are the Ohio norm. Some of our best birders have also noted the siskins seem to be fixating on White Cedars, Thuja occidentalis, an Ohio native that would make a great addition to anyone’s landscape.

Last year, Pine Siskins were consorting with Common Redpolls at Hugh and Judy’s feeders in Richfield, Ohio (photo above). It was an exciting find and one of their many photos made the front cover of The Ohio Cardinal magazine. The Redpolls are almost too much to hope for, and either species would be a welcome addition to my feeder station. We have even upgraded the fare with shelled sunflower seed, also known to attract these gregarious little guys.

So, I’ll be pining for siskins this winter. The feeders are already crowded with Goldfinches advertising the well-stocked larder in the Weedpicker’s yard, and perhaps we could add a few more White Cedars in the landscape…
2008-11-10 02:38:36 GMT
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