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Alum Creek Giant November 16, 2008

While birding today on the edge of Alum Creek Reservoir in Delaware County, we were able to see the crown of Ohio's Big Tree Grand Champion Eastern Cottonwood, Populus deltoides reaching well beyond the limits of any other plant or structure on the horizon. Sporting a massive 358 inch circumference, this is the largest Eastern Cottonwood known in Ohio.

Quite the famous tree, it has been blogged before, by my friend Tom Bain and even has some rather bizarre footage on you-tube. :) Hey- it is more famous than me!

Eastern Cottonwoods seem to be taken for granted by most birders and outdoorsmen, and it should not be so. These trees are favored by Baltimore Orioles and utilized by many other species of birds. Our common native trees may not seem as exciting as some rare exotics, but they do fill an important role in our ecosystem and should be appreciated for the biodiversity they support. This is one tree the populous should respect. :)

2008-11-17 03:09:38 GMT
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