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Baltimore Birding December 07, 2008

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland has every swimming, sliding, slipping creature you would ever want to see from the deep blue and the shallow green waters of every corner of the country. It is an especially amazing place to visit when you take along your own personal aquatic biologist to point out the highlights and explain fascinating details of their life history.

But whenever you get a Weedpicker in a building with a conservatory, all bets are off until every plant and bird is scrutinized and photographed. I planned to do some birding in Baltimore, but seeing a Blue-crowned Motmot was more than my wildest dreams would conjure. And birders take note, Baltimore - the home of the Oriole's baseball team- has terrific educational displays on migratory birds and the importance of global conservancy.

As for the weekend quiz: it was a bit of a trick question. Strasburg, France- was actually in Germany in 1605.

2008-12-08 03:28:58 GMT
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