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Harbinger-of-spring April 04, 2007
Erigenia bulbosa, Harbinger-of Spring is not just the name of this miniscule plant, it truly is one of the first sprigs out of the ground. Taken at Fowler Woods in the north-most corner of Richland county, it has rather rubbery looking fern like leaves. A member of the Parsley family, it has another common name of Salt-and-pepper.

Either way, it is one of the earliest flowers to poke through the cold, damp leaf matter from last fall. A happy sight for flora starved eyes, to be certain, and quite beautiful on close examination. And I do mean close. This whole plant is bare over 2 inches, although they can be several inches taller as well.

Fowler Woods is well worth finding on your map. It belongs to the Ohio Department of Natural Areas and Preserves and is an easy to access, board-walked wet woods. Large communities of Marsh marigold, Caltha palustris and singing spring peeper frogs are certain to greet your early spring visits. There are many interesting plants to be found in this refuge, including the some rare Pumpkin ash. SHHH, don't tell the emerald ash borers. We would like to keep these!
2007-04-04 18:54:18 GMT
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