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Pretty in Purple December 10, 2008

Some girls have all the luck. And being close enough to photograph Purple Sandpipers by the dozens made me feel like a very lucky girl.

The recent trip to Baltimore included some birding with friend and noted conservationalist Paul Baicich, who knows all the hot spots on the Maryland and Delaware shores and gave me a first-rate guided tour. This particular breakwall was the location of a recently sited Harlequin Duck. The Harlequin was a no show, but the Ruddy Turnstones, Purple Sandpipers and Long-tailed Ducks more than made up for it.

My only Ohio encounter with Purple Sandpipers was at Headlands, where the breakwall looks very similar to this- their usual wintering grounds. Perhaps we should call them Purple ROCK-pipers because of their attraction to these moss and mussel covered rocks.

Far more knowledgeable than I about the habits of these rock-o-philes, Kenn Kaufman recently blogged about the Purple Sandpipers in Ohio on Birding with Kenn and Kim. You can learn more about their habits there.

2008-12-10 14:29:01 GMT
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