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Skywatch Friday December 12, 2008

There is a blogging circle that promotes “Skywatch Friday” each week. Seems like a great time to post a photo of Snow Geese coming in for a landing at Bombay Hook in Delaware. White wings with black tips dominated the view, as the masses of wavy-lined formations weaved their way into the gathering already on the ground. Watch as they settle down for the night, the numbers of these legions were more than I could estimate.

Ohio is situated between the two major flight paths of the snow goose. We get a few mixed in with large flocks of Canada Geese, but we rarely get the sizable flocks like those seen wintering in Texas or on the coast. Last weekend’s tour of the Maryland and Delaware coasts produced several sighting of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of geese. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, birdwatchers should take time to methodically sort though these gatherings. Careful work with our scopes produced two Ross’s geese and an unexpected Cackling Goose trying it’s best to blend.

This is a low-tech blog, so I can’t impress you with on demand video, but if you would like to see and hear the shear size of this gathering at the Hook, click here, for my video on You-Tube. Happy Weekend!
2008-12-12 11:39:19 GMT
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