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Study in Gray December 18, 2008

Ohio is well known for its overcast winter days, and the north coast along Lake Erie especially so. In fact, during WWII munitions storage was often located along the lake to utilize the protective cloud cover.

I journeyed northward to the lake yesterday, and found it to be a study in gray. At the inlet of Old Woman's Creek, I absorbed the calming effects of gray skies blending with water, lapping the sandy shore. The subdued scene was punctuated only by gray and white gulls. Steeped in shore-sounds, a pleasant hour was spent winter botanizing along the beach, as Beach Clotbur and summer's Common Milkweed still held their stems and seedpods up for inspection.

A few miles away at the Huron Lighthouse, gulls gathered and ducks bobbed off-shore. And seeking harbor at the base of the rocky breakwall, a single short-tailed version of a Long-tailed Duck swam by close enough for inspection. A lovely study in white and gray.

2008-12-18 11:30:02 GMT
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