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Look what we "spotted" ! May 29, 2007
As said before, Oak Openings is a spectacular place for biodiversity. Butterflies, botany, birds and even dragonflies abound at the Oaks. Many rarities were seen on a recent trip to the Oaks, but one of my favorites remains this simple flower.

Often folks confuse the Dame's Rocket, Hesperis matronalis blooming at the roadside for a phlox. Not so. Most of the phlox that blooms this time of year is the Blue Phlox which blooms along the woodland edges. It is much smaller and far more subdued than the colors of Dame's Rocket.

But here is a Phlox that can compete! Not so tall in stature, this little bloomer is under 8 inches, but the color has POW! What a stunner to see across a field. Closer inspection reveals the spots on the stem, which is a dead give away to its identity: Spotted Phlox, or Phlox maculata. Here is hoping your weed-picking brings you to a patch of these. :)
2007-05-30 03:11:54 GMT
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