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The Wilds of Wooster January 02, 2009

While trolling for species at the January 1st Wooster Christmas Bird Count, Marc Nolls, Mike Edgington and our own personal medic, Jeff, encountered this strange cavity dwelling Wood Pig.

Our route included some pretty wild and wooly sections of Wayne County and this county lane, leading to an exclusive development, is lined with the tree "totems." We surmised they were an effort to keep marauders or possibly birders, away.

Not easily dissuaded from our task, we proceeded forth to count the 1,000 Canada Geese bobbing about on the local watering hole. That led to the assessment* that birders are prepped to text message. Behold the usage of bird bander's code:

-OMG jst saw 1000 CANG + 1 poss CACG


-+41 MALL and 2 NOPI

As the day wears on our conversations continue to get stranger, i.e.: What was Shakespeare's favorite bird? A BARD Owl of course!

This only goes to prove CBCs can be a heck of a lot of fun and provide some good science at the same time. But honestly, I think we need to work on our jokes. :)

Happy birding and txting, too!

* This was Marc's astute observation

2009-01-03 01:54:07 GMT
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