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Bald Eagle January 08, 2009

Nothing captures the "coolness" of birds like the Bald Eagle. From their rags-to-riches story, nearly extinct in the lower 48, to a booming population, this is THE BIRD non-birders want to talk about. And that is OK. If we can capture their attention and imagination with one bird, they may be inspired to look at a few other species as well.

Richland and Crawford counties are eagle rich! On recent CBC's we counted 7 Bald Eagles on the ice on the Pleasant Hill Reservoir. Add to that the up-close looks in Crawford of several pairs in nest- repair mode. And the botany of this blog? The mighty American Sycamore, Platanus occidentalis one of the trees most often used to hold their jumbo nests, which can be a large as a Volkswagen Beetle!

For a feel good Thursday, click here for a You-tube video (sent to me by GMAS membership-wizard Mary Ellen Bolt) featuring our American and Birding ambassador: the Bald Eagle.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

2009-01-08 13:04:42 GMT
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