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SNARGE January 18, 2009

It has been a rough weekend for birdwatchers, as everyone is pointing the finger towards a population of (ex)Canada Geese for the crash landing of US Air flight from New York.

The Smithsonian Lab actually collects and analyzes the "bird goo" to determine the species of bird, in order to best prevent future impacts. The scientists' term for the feathers and tissue reduced to pulp by the force of a jet engine is SNARGE. They should well know, as approximately 4,000 samples are tested each year, having concluded Mourning Doves are the most frequent "fliers." Follow the link to the fascinating story told on NPR.

Several of us have attempted to decode the acronym for SNARGE, and if you would like play along- feel free to send me your guess. Meanwhile, here’s ours:

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Weedpicker: Scientific Notation of Avian Remains Ground by Engines

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2009-01-18 18:18:48 GMT
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