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Winter in Mohican January 31, 2009

The Mohican Forest and the Clear Fork River, winding its way through the Mohican Gorge are arguably even more beautiful when coated with the still silence of a fresh fallen snow. Recent weather events have conspired to make roads slow-going, but the cross country skiing is spectacular.

The main road twisting down through the forest to the Covered Bridge has been closed for a week or so now, or at least closed to vehicle traffic. It is free and open to anyone with a set of snow shoes or country county skis and enough craziness to use them. Two miles down to the bridge, the water babbles along while the local Belted Kingfisher and Great Blue Heron work the edges. Every sound is magnified, each click and chip is worthy of note. The trail is littered with shredded hemlock cones and heavy with scent, the White-winged Crossbills continue their feasting. Bald Eagle soars above, and it is an incredible thrill to be six miles out- in otherwise impassible conditions.

The temperature hangs at twenty degrees, but we are shedding extra mittens and layers of outer wear. The photo above is your blogger, on the lower trail of the river which extends on to the Mohican Dam.

Ohio has a beauty of its own, and while we'll get back to some more of those great Florida sightings, I wanted you to know adventure and nature await you here as well. If you choose to witness the spectacular sight of the winter Mohican and venture down into the gorge, remember to save some energy, as the two miles back are all up-hill. :)

2009-01-31 12:24:23 GMT
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