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Wetland Wonders June 05, 2007
So many plants and so little time- how do you choose the next entry? The showiest? The most delicate? How about sheer geometry?

The Bur-reeds, Sparganium americanum have always fascinated me with their pseudo-iris leaves, zig-zag stems, and globular, bur-like seed pods. They have it all going on. This is one plant you will never forget or confuse with the others.

Sparganiums have female flowers- the white puff balls that remind me of a button bush bloom. The same plant has male or pistillate flowers.. which are much smaller and shriveled looking. No we aren't even going there.

Look for these the next time you are at the Gorman Nature Center pond or any other wetland for that matter. You can amaze your friends with your new found knowledge of these denizens of the damp.

2007-06-06 03:07:26 GMT
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