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Wind and Rain February 12, 2009
Photo: Bird-foot Violets, Viola pedata by Ian Adams

Today's wind and rain make one think spring could be around the corner. It is probably a false hope, as we are certain to have a bit more of the winter stuff before it is all over.

However, if you want to be pro-active about spring, now is the time to sign-up for Flora-Quest. The field trips are starting to fill up, and if you want to be included in the photography workshop with Ian Adams, now it the time to click on the Flora-quest web site and choose your trip.

Bird-foot Violets, featured in Ian's photo, are a rarity in Ohio and Shawnee is one of the few places you will ever see them. Shawnee and the Adams county sights are packed with flora that will boggle your mind, and with guides like Paul Knoop, John Howard, Guy Denny... you'll be in great company!

And butterflies? Don't get me started- I am not sure I can wait two months to get back down there. Jaret Daniels is coming back to lead trips, he was so favorably impressed with the area at last year's Appalachian Butterfly Conference.

And if you can't make Flora-Quest in Shawnee State Park, remember to visit your local Ohio State Park. It is a fun, healthy way to spend any afternoon in some of the best places nature has to offer.

2009-02-12 19:14:05 GMT
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