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Killdeer Plains February 18, 2009

Killdeer Plains is a fantastic location for winter birding, and even rivals The Wilds on good days. Bald Eagles, Northern Harriers and Short-eared Owls are nearly givens as well as Rough-legged Hawks. On good days one might catch a glimpse of Long-eared Owls nodding-off in the winter pines, but that is a trickier proposition.

Mary Warren reported that the Firelands Audubon Society found a Golden Eagle in with the Bald Eagles at Killdeer on Monday. That is a great bird any day of the week in Ohio! Congratulations to those lucky birders who made that find.

Killdeer Plains is a Wildlife Area managed by the division of wildlife. It has a couple of pine groves, large open ponds and wide expanses of grasslands, much of it planted in Ohio prairie plants. It is no accident that these birds of prey utilize the grasslands, as they are searching for meadow voles and other rodents: tasty morsels for a raptor. Remember it is all about the botany. Botany drives the birding.. and if you want great winter birding, check out the grasslands at Killdeer Plains.

2009-02-19 03:00:12 GMT
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