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Be- Witched! June 06, 2007
This is a cool plant that I shot during the OOS Conference in Mohican. We had a great trip to Lyon Falls and this shrub/tree was on the side of the path. And since I am feverishly working on a 50 tree project for Master Gardeners Tree Specialist tonight... it seems like a great time to feature a tree.

This tree is found in most counties of Ohio, although not in the western section of the state. It is used to manufacture Witch-hazel... which should be a pretty good give-away. Yes, Virginia, it is Witch-hazel, or Hamamelis virginiana. What a great plant! The asymmetric, wavy leaves are very distinctive and... LOOK! That is a very cool Crane Fly I have captured on its leaves. Someone get the Kenn Kaufman insect guide and we will figure this one out!

OK, what makes this great botany? Be sure to look up the flowers of Witch-hazel. VERY late fall/early winter bloomers that are stunners, for sure. This one is the tree that stands out in the forest.

2007-06-07 03:22:04 GMT
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