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Gumbo anyone? March 12, 2009

While frequenting the favored salamander haunts and backwoods vernal pools, this fascinating Lilliputian lobster was found scurrying from impending footsteps. However, fully loaded with eggs, or "in berry" as the crayfish fans call this condition, she was a bit slow going.

Warren Uxley captured this shot with his camera, a real education in crayfish reproduction. The females carry their eggs about attached to their swimmerets, and continue to carry them a few days after they hatchlings are born. And if that isn't interesting enough- sometimes crayfish self-fertilize.

Crayfish are another wetland species worth our time and effort to study. A few nights about in the marshes and swamps provide endless fodder for the blogsters- and some great salamanders are being feature over at Jim McCormac's biodiversity blog. Be sure to check those out too!

2009-03-12 16:34:36 GMT
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