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My "ami" June 09, 2007
Some plants just beg for your attention, and this stunner was photographed recently at Byers Woods in Ashland, Ohio. Byers Woods is an Ashland County Park that was once a landfill. It has been closed since the 90's and is in a 30 year monitoring period, but the area surrounding the cells are leased to the Park District for recreational use. It is an amazing reclaimation of land that produces some very exciting species. Greater Mohican Audubon Society offers walks at this site every month, and not only do we see great birds, we enjoy the botany, insects and mammals as well. We are about to have a seminar there (June 16th) which will feature the breeding Bobolinks, and a lot of other interesting fauna and flora as well. Check our website , which gives full details and make your reservation ASAP!

This gorgeous little plant was lapping up the moisture in a wet woodlands section of Byers. Miami Mist, Phacelia purshii is a member of the
Hydrophyllaceae family, a name that means "water leaf." These delicate blue flowers with a fringe are born on 6-20 inch plants that make a brief, early May- June appearance. Look for the leaves which are pinnately cleft (that means they are really jig-zagged on the edge, like they were cut with Grandma's pinking shears.)

I hope you can join us for a great event at Byers and see some interesting butterflies and flora as well.

2007-06-09 22:40:44 GMT
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