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Science Fiction Flora June 11, 2007
This is about the time each year the state has a lottery for trips to visit Cranberry Island Bog in Buckeye Lake. I went with some Audubon folks a couple of years ago and saw some of the most unusual plants in Ohio, the "Flesh Eating Plants" as one of Jim Mc's programs calls them. The Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia purpurea requires a very specific habitat; it must be located in a bog.

This fantastic flora is like something from science fiction. Is has a vat of toxic chemicals and it brews its victims for their protein. Yum Yum. The Jeffery Dahmer of the plant world! Well, this started out such a nice blog... and look where we are now.

Anyway, if you ever get the chance to see Cranberry Island, I urge you to go. And a second best would be the opportunity is to see them at the Heritage Garden at the Ohio Governor's Residence. Those clever folks, thanks to Guy Denny's help, figured out how to convert a leaky pond into a representative bog. The Richland County Master Gardeners are participating on a bus trip to see them on June 26, 2007. See the details on the GMAS website for a chance to visit the Gov's in person.
2007-06-12 02:52:52 GMT
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