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Cedar Bog June 20, 2007
Last year, about this time, the OOS held a fantastic adventure at Cedar Bog in Champaigne County. Cedar Bog is not a bog at all, but rather a fen. But no matter the hydrology, it is jam packed full of unusual species of all manner. The dragonflies found there are quite unlike the standard wetland varieties. Elfin Skimmer, our smallest dragonfly and the Gray Petaltail, one of our largest, both reside at this locale. And if you like dragonflies, you will want to check out the upcoming Ohio Dragonfly Conference in Wooster

Spotted turtles, another rarity in Ohio, also dwell within. But this blog is about about botany- and it is incredible at the "bog" as well.
Without a doubt the most exotic of all Ohio native plants, the Showy Lady's-slipper, Cypripedium reginae, is the most stunning resident of all. The largest of all Ohio Orchids, it is one of the most exciting finds in the state. No wonder it bears the Latin species name reginae, which means "queen".

If you go to see this spectacular flower, do take your camera. But remember to admire it from the board walk and help the Ohio Historical Society protect this native treasure of Ohio and preserve it for future generations.
2007-06-21 02:28:52 GMT
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