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Tickled Pink 26, 2007
Three counties of Master Gardeners combined efforts to host a bus trip to Inniswood and the Heritage Gardens at the Ohio Governor's Residence. This was a fantastic opportunity for folks to get ideas for their own gardens, and to see how native Ohio plants can be used in home landscape. It also gave me an opportunity to load up on future blog photos :)

One of the more unusual gardens found at the residence incorporates an old leaky pond into a bog garden. This always fascinates me- and it is probably a project most gardeners would have difficulty replicating at home. So kids, leave this to the professionals. If you do have an opportunity to visit the Governors Residence, spend a little extra time admiring this feat of garden engineering.

Today a magnificent Grasspink orchid,
Calopogon tuberosus was in full bloom. As a huge wetland fan, I have been in many of the bogs and fens around the state, but I have never before timed a visit to see a Grasspink in full bloom. It was simply splendid. This was worth the entire cost of the trip.
What a rarity this breath-taking orchid is!

Master Gardeners are a great group of people, willing to share their knowledge and time to help others. Hope you will considering joining; new classes will be starting in Ashland this fall.

2007-06-27 03:21:29 GMT
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