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A Passion for gardening June 28, 2007
The next couple of days, flowers from the Ohio Heritage Garden at the Governor's residence will be featured. Thanks to Gov. and Mrs. Strickland for allowing me to wander about in their backyard taking photos of their landscape. Pretty nice of them, huh? Better yet, thanks to Hope Taft for dreaming up this botanical island of diversity in Bexley. I hope everyone books a tour to see it themselves.

Today's flower is gloriously blooming on the same brick wall where the Crossvine resides (featured in a previous blog). This is a micro-climate that has been created by the heat of the south-facing brick wall and the combination of being in a inner corner of the courtyard, which is protected from winter winds. This is the perfect location for these two southern Ohio natives. The Purple Passionflower or Maypop, Passiflora incarnata is listed as Threatened in Ohio and it is native to only the southern most counties. It has an interesting fruit, which is supposed
ly quite tasty, but the Stricklands haven't invited me to dinner, yet :) It also makes an interesting sound when it is stepped on- POP! Now you know how the other common name came about.

One more amazing plant in an amazing gathering of Ohio's botanical Who's-who.
A very, very cool place indeed.

2007-06-28 10:28:57 GMT
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