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Ruellia: Take Two July 01, 2007
One last shot taken at the Ohio Heritage Garden in Columbus perfectly illustrates how this garden represents the best native places in our state. The photo was taken in Columbus at the Governor's Residence, but the flower is one I saw over and over this weekend while in Adams County.

Ruellia strepens, the wild petunia, was blogged last week and I incorrectly mentioned that there were very short ones on the grassland where the Northern Metalmark was found. After consulting an expert botanist with great brains and brawn (you guess who), I learned the short form of Ruellia is the species humilis. Now that I recognize it as a separate species, I had the good fortune to find it growing as a lawn weed at Serpent Mound, and the Adam's Lake lawn where the famous Adam's Lake Prairie
is found. This prairie is the home of the unusual Edward's Hairstreak butterflies, which is also blog worthy.

As a bonus for a near duplication of blog fodder... look closely in the lower left corner of the photo and you will see
Narrow-leaved Summer Bluets, Hedyotis nigricans. This miniature white flower is a real rarity, and is listed as threatened in Ohio. We were also fortunate enough to see them in Adam's County at Ka-Ma-Ma Prairie. I learned lots of exciting things, as John Howard enhances any of these trips with his incredible knowledge. Wait til you see all the new photos :) a weekend of bliss!

2007-07-02 03:32:06 GMT
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