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Simply Superb July 04, 2007
A real firecracker of a flower, a perfect choice for the Fourth of July. Bright orange blooms reverberated above the grasses and forbs on a successional field in Adams county. This is not your basic Tiger lily, or Ditch lily as we used to call them. Those Orange Day-lilies are also in the Liliaceae family, but they are in the genius Hemerocallis or day lilies.

This fine looking specimen is a different beast. A much taller plant with short, strappy leaves the entire length of the stem, the flower explodes at a height of 4 feet. At first glance this was assumed to be a Canada lily, however, note the recurved petals and the true nature of the Turk's-Cap lily, Lilium superbum becomes apparent. This is another rarity in Ohio, being found in only eight counties. And as its name implies, a superb find it is!

2007-07-05 02:35:33 GMT
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