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Flower for a snowy day April 6, 2007
This is the perfect flower for a snowy day. Winter's cold has once again blasted across Ohio dumping snow on most of the northern regions, creating perfect timing to focus on a hardy, but rare early blooming trillium.

This miniature flower was nearly overlooked as it is no bigger than a nickel. The Snow Trillium, Trillium nivale is a lime loving plant found near rock outcroppings. This one was photographed in Delaware Co. near the banks of the Scioto River. Even knowing where to look, it would be easy for one to scout right by this diminutive nodding trillium.

Although dainty, this not-so-delicate member of the lily family can withstand cold and snow, making it one of the earliest spring ephemerals to appear. A rather rare flower in Ohio, known only to 11 counties, it is quite a thrill for the botanist or amateur alike to find this little known but greatly admired wildflower.

2007-04-06 15:52:09 GMT
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