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Ruby Tuesday July 17, 2007
Just one of the many of the damsel and dragonflies hovering about the botany on the edges of Darby Creek this weekend. Many attractive Bluets and Ebony Jewelwings were seen, but this is the Damselfly I had hoped for. The American Rubyspot has a red beauty-spot and is found in association with Justicia, the plant called Water-willow. It was blogged yesterday, so if you would like more info about it.. just go back a day.

I have tried to refrain from bloging dragonflies, because they are a bit specialized. Most folks don't realize there are over 150 species of dragonflies commonly found in Ohio, and there are those exceptionally rare ones that make super-geeks light up . They are just too much fun to watch, these dragons and damselflies. Odonates ( the family of dragonflies) in general tend to be very territorial and quite aggressive. Darting about and attacking each other would seem to be a full time job, but they also maneuver about
in feeding frenzies preying on small insects. And we won't even talk about the sex! Think: Spanish Soap opera. These fascinating characters are just over the top.

Find yourself a nice little pond, pull up a chair and start watching the big ones. Pretty soon you will be seeing the difference in habits and behavior as well as size and color. The next thing you know, you'll want to chase after the little damselflies- like this American Rubyspot. I can't think of a better way to spend a sunny afternoon. Hope to see you at the upcoming Ohio Dragonfly Conference!
2007-07-17 05:20:06 GMT
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