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Leeping Lizards! July 19, 2007
Leeping Lizards! Here is another plant I have not seen before. I have to wonder if I have not seen it, or did I never take the time to have a really good look? Known in two-thirds of our Ohio counties, this water obligate is quite robust in its proper place. That is a nice way of saying some think is is nearly a weedy invasive. But don't say that in Connecticut or Rhode Island, it is on their endangered species list.

This is the only member of the Saururaceae in Ohio. The lovely Lizard's Tail, Saururus cernuus edged the banks of the Darby Creek, with its white tails waving in the breeze. The flower is a great id for this plant, however the succulent, heart-shaped leaves would make it pretty easy to key out even when it is not in bloom.

These beautiful native water plants beg the question, "Why aren't we using these in our ornamental ponds?" Water-willow, Lizard's Tail and Pickerel Weed are all native plants which flower and would look gorgeous at any pond or water-way. AH, nothing says ARTIFICIAL like those blue-tinted ponds with the round-up brown line encircling it. What is a poor dragonfly to do? Lets encourage folks to allow nature to have her way! :) Once you get hooked on the butterflies and dragonflies, you will see the key role plants play in their lives. Let the little guys have some cover and a food source. As John Muir said, "If one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."
2007-07-19 11:05:39 GMT
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