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Fabulous Fabacea ! April 08, 2007
This fabulous Fabacea is nearly in full bloom in southern Ohio. The photo was taken in Athens, home of "Harvard on the Hocking" aka Ohio University, where the bloom cycle is weeks ahead of Richland County. Lovely purple, pea-like flowering trees and Flowering Dogwoods were trying to boldly declare spring in spite of today's unseasonable 40 degree temps.

Summer finds this native understory tree with heart shaped leaves, and two to three inch long "bean pods" form in the fall and persist through much of winter. Often multi-stemmed and contorted in its native form, Cercis canadensis, or Eastern Redbud
is a
plant well loved by naturalists and gardener/ landscaper types alike.

It makes a lovely addition to the home landscape, but remember to plant it in partial shade or under the canopy of large trees and it will be far longer lived than one struggling against the full sun and summer heat in the middle of a yard. This is a Weedpicker's "pick" for sure!
2007-04-08 23:39:35 GMT
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