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The Ultimate Rock Garden August 02, 2007

This must be the ultimate rock garden. Funny, when I lived in Lakeside, we thought it was just the best place in the world to bake our bodies in the sun

Now I find out it is an Alvar, one of the most botanically “challenged” places in the world. Scoured by the surf, sun and winter’s ice, these hostile environments acquired their name from a Swedish word for their similar landforms. I think there was even an “International Alvar Conference” once: six guys showed up.

So here is a huge limestone rock jutting out into Lake Erie with tiny little botanical life forms hanging on for dear life.

You have to admire this Kalm’s Lobelia, Lobelia kalmii for its sheer audacity. Such a beautiful lavender flower inhabiting the most expensive real estate in Ohio. Fantastic!

It is absolutely Lilliputian in this environment. And imagine, this is in my best friend’s front yard. Life is good, and Lakeside is an amazing place to be! I can’t wait to get back there next month.
2007-08-02 22:48:03 GMT
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