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Hoover happenings August 12, 2007

The third trip to Hoover Reservoir was not a charm for my attempts to see the elusive Willet. However, to my defense, there is a lot of good shorebird habitat at Hoover and better birders than I missed it as well. :)

The great thing about flora- it stays pretty much where you left it last. At least that was the case for the carpet of green sprouting up from the mudflats. Better bloggers have featured these micro-plants of great intrigue, but for today, here is my photo of one of the more interesting plants on the flora-filled-flats. (Say THAT fast 4 times!)

On the edge of the opening, not quite anxious to colonize the newly emerging mud flats, is this micro sedge. Sedges always amaze me with their many varying forms and shapes. Not a grass, these non-jointed plants have their own family, Cyperaceae. They number in the hundreds in Ohio, and yet, most plants men would struggle to name more than a few.

This is the Awned Umbrella Sedge or Bearded Flat Sedge, Cyperous squarrosus. The whole plant barely reaches dime size, and yet look at those interesting fruiting bodies. Do they look awned or bearded to you? See how handy those Latin names are? You knew exactly which sedge I meant, without those confusing common names

Seriously, I don’t expect everyone to memorize all the Latin names or sedges, but serious weed-pickers can appreciate the vastness of plant diversity when they stop to look at these micro-units and marvel at their beauty too.
2007-08-12 20:45:35 GMT
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