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Hooray for Henry! April 09, 2007
I didn't think I would have to go into an archives file when I started this. But I didn't count on 30-40 degree weather in April either. So, the logical choice is to be happy and blog nice things that we should be seeing.

So thanks to Big Jim McCormac for this photo of Henry's Elfin. It is the perfect follow-up to the Redbud, as it is the host plant for this small but spectacular butterfly. What is not to love about the the dimenutive little guy who sits and rubs his little tails together while puddling?

Elfins are small and brown- but interesting. Really, they are! Frosted Elfins, Henry's Elfins and the Brown Elfin are the ones to seek out in Ohio. Jim's Ohio Birds blog has some good information on several of the early flying butterflies at Shawnee. But I will have my day- in Shawnee.... very soon! :) Weedpicker Cheryl
2007-04-10 03:13:25 GMT
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