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Go Bucks! August 26, 2007
Today was a fantastic day for "butterfly"ing. Often the first clear day after a stormy one produces many fresh butterflies eager to nectar. Even better still, I was in Adams county with a crack team of butterfly enthusiasts. John Howard and family, Jim McCormac, Tricia West, Kevin Bradbury, Jenny Richards and I were in pursuit of a Great Purple Hairstreak. The Great Purple went undetected, but 39 other species were found. Shawnee would make a great place for a butterfly event!

It is a dilemma to decide which butterfly gets the glory of the first blog shot, since I can only load one photo at a time. Chances are, some other avid blogger will probably scoop me on the rarities, so I am going straight to the most stunning shot of the day: the Common Buckeye, Junonia coenia.

This is the cleanest, clearest photo I have ever got lucky enough to shoot of one Ohio's most beautiful butterflies. I never tire of seeing Buckeyes, and virtually never have them at my home. This is more of a southern species that will breed in Ohio, hardly a common sighting most years, and almost rare in others.

This one was particularly fresh and colorful. He was extremely territorial and would dart out at any other insect or Buckeye that came near his vicinity. He would chase any invaders off of his turf, and then return to the same plantain to survey his domain. Quite the pugnacious one, no wonder Ohio State named their football team after this guy. He would be my choice of mascot as well! Behold the Buckeye! Go Bucks!

2007-08-27 02:35:21 GMT
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