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Behold a Beauty April 10, 2007
Spring is certain to be upon us when this little beauty starts to flower. Grass-like leaves which are slightly thickened and rubbery are keys to the Purslane family. This miniature pink veined jewel of the moist wood lot is also commonly found in parks and yards, until they are chem-lawned! Unfortunately, they are disappearing from many public areas as they cannot with stand the chemical blast people insist our parks and lawns need.

And such a loss! This gorgeous Spring Beauty, Claytonia virginica is one of our earliest and most common of spring ephemerals. Maybe we love them so much because they are so short lived. As a child, these were always my first pick for the spring bouquet. A votive sized vase of Spring Beauties and Violets beat store bought roses any day! Especially when gifted by a 5 year old. Behold the "Beauty"!

2007-04-10 22:45:17 GMT
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