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Oh, Mr. Sheldon... September 05, 2007
Today was another incredibly busy day. But for one brief hour, I got to explore one of my favorite places for a little quiet time: Sheldon Marsh. This scenic area on Lake Erie is just west of Huron, Ohio. It has been referred to as "Sheldon's Folly"- as some folks thought the good Mr. Sheldon had certainly lost his mind when he purchased this property. It is actually the original entrance to Cedar Point in its early hay-days, when men were still bathing in union-suits. The road was nothing more than a sand bar- and continually washed out, eventually a better entrance to the amusement area left this parcel undeveloped and available.

I am shaky on the history, but Dean Sheldon, a fine man and great friend to the bluebirds could tell the tale. It was his family who eventually gave up ownership of this peaceful parcel of wetland, woodlands, sand and shore. I loved the quiet walk, the dragonflies, the diving terns and beach front botany. The scene shot from the boardwalk has the biggest Elderberry bush, Sambuccus canadensis I have ever seen and a peek at the marsh beyond. If I were a fall warbler, I would definitely make this migratory stop on the top of my list. I can almost hear the waves....

Keep your eyes open for the Downey False Foxglove, Clameyweed and three attractive female botanists. I hope they have found their way out of the woods by now.

2007-09-06 02:21:39 GMT
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