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Quarry Side September 11, 2007
Saturday, quarry-side, there was something I don't get to photograph very often. It is not because this orange-tinted Wandering Glider dragonfly is so rare; it is just rarely seen perched on anything! In fact, it would be easy to miss correctly identifying it, normally you know them from their flight behavior. You don't get to see them up-close often.

Wandering Gliders seem to be everywhere. One might marvel at the places they do regularly occur, as they are most frequently witnessed cruising about at high speeds above parking lots. In contrast, those limestone flats of the quarry may not seem that much different. Perhaps, Gliders' natural habitats are dry prairies,
which parking lots and fair-grounds seem to replicate. Totally a supposition on my part, mind you. :)

This one is perched on what appears to be a Stiff Goldenrod. No, that doesn't mean it is dead... I meant it is
Oligoneuron rigidum.

If you want to know more about
"Parking-lot" Gliders, the Division of Wildlife just printed a nifty new booklet with loads of dragon info. And if you want to know more about Stiff Goldenrod, you might check back here tomorrow.

2007-09-12 03:17:54 GMT
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