A primary reason for this event is to expose people to one of
the most wonderful natural regions remaining in Ohio.  The
Shawnee Forest and the neaby
Edge of Appalachia preserve
collectively contain nearly 4/5th of all the flora and fauna
found in the state.  Furthermore, because of the extent of
these areas - 60,000+ acres in Shawnee; 15,000 in the edge of
Appalachia- the region has a true wilderness flavor not found
many other places in the state.  Protection of Shawnee and
the Edge is critical to conserving a huge piece of Midwestern
biodiversity, and providing Ohioans with an area where they
can go to experience true wild lands.
"In the end we will conserve only what we love,
we will love only what we understand and we will
understand only what we are taught."
          Baba Dioum
View of Buzzardroost Rock's sheer facing
The Nature Conservancy
Raven Rock
Flora-Quest has made donations to:

Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves
Friends of Scioto brush Creek
Friends of Shawnee State Park
Ohio Governor's Residence Heritage Garden
Indiana Native Plant Society
Ohio Environmental Council