Discover the diversity of Shawnee Forest-     Flowers!

Skilled botanists will help you discover wild orchids, a dozen
species of native violets, and scores of showy wildflowers.  With
about 1,000 species of plants found within the forest, early May
is the peak time to find beautiful wildflowers.  We'll especially
focus on locating rarities like the gorgeous Spotted Mandarin,
Wedge-leaved Violet, and Early Stoneroot.  These species and
many others would normally require a trip far to the south of
Ohio to find, but Shawnee supports good populations of these
Appalachian plants.  Attendees will not only come away with an
appreciation for the biodiversity of southern Ohio's flora, but a
much improved knowledge of botany and ecology.  Some of this
information can even be put to good use in the backyard garden!
Yellow Lady's-slipper
Spotted Mandarin
Shooting Stars
Indian Paintbrush
Bird-foot Violet
"In the end we will conserve only what we love,
we will love only what we understand and we will
understand only what we are taught."
              Baba Dioum

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May 3-5, 2013
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