Photos provided by:
Jim McCormac
Cheryl Harner
Michelle Soski
Shawnee Park and Forest:  May 4 - 6
Our Photos '07
The Flora-Quest Finale
Friendly Vendors: Michelle Soski for Gorman Nature
The Big Lister: Jim McCormac
Martin McAllister's group in Scioto Brush Creek
Bob Scott Placier and Paula Harper
Spicebush Butterfly
Sure  we like to bird :)
Bird-foot violet, Viola pedata
Shawnee State Park and Forest are filled with great plants.
The view from Raven Rock
The road to the lodge has fun flora too.
White Slantline moth on May Apple
"Camera Dude" Dave (above)
Shooting Wherry's Catchfly,
Silene caroliniana    (right)
Kevin Bradury's group listens intently.
I TOAD you we'd have fun!
< (left)   Chris Bedel from the Edge of Appalachia